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Q. What's the process for a site to become an Embedded Network?

Q. Can the occupier change their retailer?

A. Yes, AUC will advise the customer of their power of choice and the process to facilitate the transfer.

Q. Who owns the Embedded Network Infrastructure?
A. The gate meter will be in the exempt holder’s name but will remain the property of the distributor. However, the common property and apartment utility metering infrastructure will be AUC’s property and AUC will maintain it. The body corporate owns the electric cabling.
Q. Who handles the electricity billing?
A. Our friendly and experienced Australian in-house team. There will be a dedicated utility concierge for the site and a dedicated 1300 number for the site to ensure that exceptional customer service is experienced by all occupants.
Q. What if residents are unable to pay the supply charges?
A. AUC will be able to propose a prepaid model to eliminate arrears risk. In post paid mode, AUC bills on a monthly basis to minimise arrears risk and to ensure that bad debt is managed effectively in the sites to ensure that bad debt is minimised.

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