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The only ISO Accredited utility management and metering solutions provider in Australia.


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In 2017, Australian Utilities Company (AUC) was born in the vibrant landscapes of the Gold Coast and Sydney, not just as a business but with a long term vision to improve the liveability of communities. AUC was founded with a clear mission: to empower businesses and developers to master their energy costs with innovation and environmental stewardship as our core pillars.
We aim to light up the people we interact with. We aim to light up the places that we serve. We aim to light up the community that we all reside in for the betterment of humanity. Since our inception, we’ve not just grown in size but, more importantly, in our vehement commitment to excellence.
We didn’t merely meet industry standards; we earned the prestigious international ISO accreditation for utility management and metering solutions. We pride ourself on our TECH-spertise and being nimble by truly listening to our clients’ needs. Our services have expanded and now encompass embedded electricity, metering and data, smart home solutions, solar integration, Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) requirements, hot water, AC, and high-speed internet. But It’s not only about services; it’s about integrity. AUC is a proud member of the Council for the National Customer Code for Energy Brokers, Consultants, and Retailers, ensuring consumer rights and industry integrity are upheld.
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They are built on trust, commitment, and service that lasts long after the final construction phase. Each building we touch receives a unique website and a dedicated utilities concierge, creating a personalized experience for our clients. We believe our customers should be treated more than just a number! Collaborating with an embedded network operator allows developers to benefit from cost savings, improved service reliability, regulatory compliance, and enhanced sustainability. These advantages not only streamline the development process but also contribute to a more attractive and efficient property, making it a strategic choice for modern developers who want to be proud of the liveability of their final creation, leaving a legacy long after it is built.


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Our team is a diverse blend of professionals with a range of skills, experiences, and backgrounds. Our strategic approach allows us to expand our services and reduce costs and to ensure the longevity of client and end user satisfaction.
We are Australian Utilities Company (AUC), a story of dedication, unwavering integrity, and an unrelenting pursuit of excellence. Enter an illuminated world where financial savings and success are our steadfast commitment.

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